Polycarbonate Sheeting for Greenhouses - 5 Major Benefits

Polycarbonate sheeting is fast becoming the most popular and arguably the best material for your greenhouse project as it shows numerous, undeniable advantages.

In the past, glass was the most commonly used material for greenhouses, but due to the cost and other considerable cons such as weight and fragility, people have started favouring polycarbonate sheeting instead.

Greenhouse polycarbonate roof sheeting

Polycarbonate Sheeting for Greenhouses

The purpose of a greenhouse is to create an environment that lets enough light in and retains the necessary heat to keep plants, herbs and vegetables growing throughout the year.

Therefore, you want a material that makes this possible and that will last many years and through all weather conditions.

Benefits of Polycarbonate Panels and Polycarbonate Roofing for Your Greenhouse

Enhanced UV Protection and Light Diffusion

In order for plants to thrive, they need even distribution of light and heat without too much exposure to UV rays which can cause significant harm.

Because polycarbonate panels are generally thicker than glass, light is transferred and distributed more evenly among the plants.

Therefore, there is no real need to place plants strategically, or to move them around in order for them to get their fair share of light which is essential for healthy growth.

Additionally, polycarbonate sheets come with standard layers of UV protection, ensuring that your plants are protected from harmful UV rays.

Improved Insulation

Warmth is key when it comes to growing plants; there are very few plants that can survive cold conditions.

With polycarbonate greenhouse panels, heat retention is dramatically improved as less heat is lost through plastic than through glass.

This has obvious advantages, as it ensures your plants get the warmth they need to grow while saving on additional heating costs which may be needed in glass greenhouses.

DIY and Customisation

Due to the complex nature of cutting and installing glass panels, contractors are mostly required to install glass greenhouses.

Whereas any person who has basic DIY abilities can build themselves a polycarbonate greenhouse. This is because the sheeting is light, flexible and easy to cut to size, install and repair.

Additionally, due to the customisable and flexible features of the sheeting, the greenhouse frame can also be custom designed and built.

Lastly, there are various types of panels available such as flat polycarbonate sheeting, multiwall polycarbonate sheeting and corrugated sheeting.

Durability, Shatter and Fire Resistant

Polycarbonate sheeting is renowned for being extremely durable which means it will last much longer than glass. It’s also much lighter in weight than glass, which means that the frame which supports it can be built using more affordable materials.

Furthermore, it has a high level of impact resistance, which means that it won’t easily break or shatter with impact from things such as hail, balls or even rocks.

There are also various tints and colours available to suit your specific growing needs.


Polycarbonate panels are a lot more affordable than glass panels and have evolved in such a way that they remain visually appealing despite their affordability.

Therefore, there is no longer a need to purchase expensive materials such as glass to build a beautiful, functional greenhouse.

Cape Roof Sheeting – Suppliers of Polycarbonate Sheeting in Cape Town

There are many huge advantages of polycarbonate sheeting for your greenhouse project, no matter the shape or size.

We are suppliers of high-quality polycarbonate roof sheeting and polycarbonate panels in Cape Town.

For more information about our products or for advice on building your dream greenhouse, please feel free to contact us.


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