About Cape Roof Sheeting

Cape Roof Sheeting is Ampa Plastics Group MODEK Cape Town distributor.

Modek was established in East London in 1990 to produce roof sheeting. In 1996 MODEK purchased a company in Gauteng called FBR Plastics, which were extruding flat sheeting and also polycarbonate profiled sheeting, in opposition to Ampaglas.

In 1997 Ampaglas merged with MODEK resulting in Ampaglas extruding only flat sheets while Modek produced GRP and Polycarbonate profiled sheets. 

Over some years, the Modek and Ampaglas branches and facilities were merged and the Modek head office moved from East London to Johannesburg.

Today Ampa Plastics Group is recognised as South Africa’s foremost manufacturer of specialised extrusion plastic supplied to various industries.

Ampa Plastics operates across major industry sectors within and beyond the borders of South Africa. Through an efficient and effective distribution network the company is able to provide a diverse range of extruded polymers. 

Ampa Plastics is committed to equality and an employment equity program that is in line with the dynamics of South Africa’s social environment.