Divider Layer Packing Boards

Divider Layer Packing Boards are hardwearing packaging boards used to divide layers of goods (for instance, glass bottles and jars) during transport. 

Divider Packing Boards are made from polyolefin materials - light, rigid thermoplastics with good impact strength and chemical resistance - all of which are desirable properties in any packaging material.

Divider Layer Boards are also re-usable and recyclable, making them an eco-friendly alternative to wood- or paper- based dividers like corrugated cardboard.

Key features of Layer Packing Boards

  • Requires no further forming or machining (supplied as a finished product).
  • Sheets are customised according to intended end use (i.e. sheet size, thickness /weight, identifying markings and load capacity are specified on order); corners can be rounded if required.
  • Is non-hygroscopic, therefore absorbs less moisture than wood- or paper-based dividers. 
  • Resistant to many chemicals. 
  • Can be washed for re-use. 
  • Can be recycled easily.